Product Reviews

STI 2011 Staccato Magwell - Open (Brass)
15 Jun 2024
Perfect fit for STI grips . And really makes a big difference in balance and recoiling reception.
Tino Van Leuven
DAA Flex Holster
15 Jun 2024
Great holster, iv been using the Alpha X for little over 5 years, with no issues,, upgraded to the flex and it’s even better.. smooth positive locking, the draw is super smooth. The adjustability to make it fit your trigger guard is easy and you can really get the perfect fit.. great bit of kit. Recommend if you’re looking for a new holster or your first.
Scott Miller
Dillon RL550 / Square Deal / B Machine Cover
14 Jun 2024
Nicely made cover. Fits my RL550 perfectly
Keith Keller
PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler
14 Jun 2024
I had for many years manually used the Dillon pickup tubes. Then added the DAA Primafill and found the Dillon pickup tubes did not work that well. Replaced all the Dillon tubes with DAA tubes and a great improvement. Finally upgraded to the DAA Primevibe and what a major difference and improvement AND very quiet. Having a frequency readout helps setup for different primer brands as needed and the timer is great. Set it running and I can walk away for a few minutes and not worry about it just running until I turn it off. Love the ability to load many tubes before hand OR just the one tube as needed. Great option.
William Richards
DAA Ultra-Compact Neoprene Pistol Sleeve
13 Jun 2024
Waffe ist sicher untergebracht und kann permanent in der Hülle gelagert werden. Einfacher und platzsparender Transport. Super Produkt zum fairen Preis!
Sven Ferner
Dillon XL 750 without Case Feeder with Caliber Kit
13 Jun 2024
First press ever. The set up is pretty simple (provided that you read the manual and/or you watch Dillon's human manual videos on Youtube) and it run flawlessly once you get the right gesture. Reloaded almots 2000 rounds so far in 9mm and did not encounter anay issu that was not my fault as a new user. The build seems solid. I do not regret this purchase and i ama looking forward to reloading additionnal calibers
Bertrand Devernay