Product Reviews

DAA Single Stack Racer Pouch
9 Jul 2024
The double/single stack pouch is really great with the exception that if you are planning to use it for IDPA competition, it is a little tough to get it adjusted to fit snug on your belt. Not allowed to use double belt with fixed equipment on it.
Jerry Greg
DAA Max Holster
8 Jul 2024
Purchased this holster after trying a few others. Save the money, buy this and be done. Works flawlessly using Shadow 2 & Shadow 2 Compact
Samuel Haywood
DAA Magnetic Powder Check 2.0
7 Jul 2024
Works great, mounted on a Hornady. Easy setup, tricky at first, but works flawlessly
joaquin gardoni
DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate - pistol all calibers
3 Jul 2024
I love this case feeder plate. I use it in my Dillon 750. It's very fast and eliminates the problems with cases getting hung up inside the bowl.
Nicholas Bethmann
DAA Racer Magazine Pouch
1 Jul 2024
Very smooth, good retention, and plenty of adjustment to fit the user's requirements. I like my racer pouches, and will likely buy more soon.
Ryan Rex
30 Jun 2024
So simple, so easy, so different. I saw this at a major match, and thought it was a cool new idea, just a twist to provide variety. Since then, I realize this will really help our local club’s hearing impaired shooters (and aren’t we all a little hearing impaired?). We may make this the standard and get a few more units.
Tom Chesterman