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Dillon RL1100 Reloader

Manufacturers: Dillon Precision Inc.


The Dillon RL1100 is the most advanced auto indexing reloading machine Dillon has to offer. It will accommodate all common pistol and rifle cartridges from 32 ACP up through 308 Win. The press stroke has been shortened, allowing for a maximum cartridge overall length of 2.75”. The RL1100 comes standard with a variable speed case feeder that will allow you to infinitely regulate the speed from 0 to 8 RPM. The motor has a universal power supply for both domestic and foreign voltages - 110 or 220 Volt, 60 or 50 hz. The case feeder bowl has an been upgraded with an adjustable window cuff and cases deflector, for a larger range of cartridge capability.

This commercial grade machine is used worldwide by ammunition manufactures and the most serious competition shooters who need repeatable performance each press stroke. The RL1100 is a high output machine and is capable of loading 1,000 to 1,200 rounds per hour and carries a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Dillon RL1100 Press Its features include, and it comes with:

* Automatic Variable Casefeeder - 
* Automatic Indexing
* Eight-Station Interchangeable Toolhead
* Primer Pocket Swaging Station
* Automatic Powder Measure System
* Automatic Priming System (only one primer size included!)
* Low Primer Warning System (sounds audible alarm)
* Loaded Cartridge, Auto-eject System
* Plastic Bullet Tray (mounts to press)
* Standard (not ball-end) hex key set (“allen wrenches”)
* Uses Standard 7/8″ x 14 Dies (included)(pre-set)
* Loading Rate: 1000+ Rounds per Hour

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