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The perfect gift for your shooting-sports enthusiast friend or loved ones!
This Gift Certificate can be used for any purchase on our website and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Its full amount can be applied to a single order, or it can be used in parts for multiple purchases.

The Gift certificate, in the amount you select, will be emailed directly to your recipient’s email, either immediately upon completing your payment, or at a later date of your choosing.
If you do not wish the certificate to be emailed to your recipient, enter your own email address to receive it yourself, and then print it out, to hand over personally.
You can personalize your Gift Certificate by selecting the most appropriate graphic template and by adding your personal message below.

How to use your gift certificate:
If a single Gift Certificate is to be used on an order, you can enter its unique code during the checkout process.
However, since only one code can be used per order, if you wish to apply more than one Gift Certificates to a single order, you must first redeem those certificates (go to your account page once you have logged in to redeem). Their total amount will be added to your rebate funds, and can then be applied in full to one or more orders.

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