DAA RTS2 2011 Scope Mount
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
DAA RTS2 2011 Scope MountReviews: 4.5 of 5 Stars!(4.52)
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DAA RTS2 2011 Scope Mount

DAA launches the new RTS2 2011 mount!  Precision made with 100% machined aircraft grade aluminum to provide a long lasting durable life.  

The RTS2 2011 mount is streamlined to just 2mm of clearance above a flattened 2011 slide.  Note: This may create a tight fit if no material has been removed from the top of the slide.


The mount is designed with several mounting holes on the side to incorporate the included serrated wide thumb paddle allowing the user to adjust the position of the thumb rest as desired.  There are more than twenty adjustments in both height and angle to select from.  The choice of using this addition or leaving it off is up to you!  A steel pin attaches the thumb rest and a M3 socket screw which is also included.


The mount design is created to align the sight with the center of the slide and as close to the slide as possible. The design allows a forward-positioned Slide-Racker (as is included with the STI DVC Open pistols) to fit with the mount in place.  It is designed for the Slide-Racker to be used on either side of the pistol, so the user has the choice of left or right!


The mounting surface for the sight includes locating pins which have been machined directly from the solid aluminum block material to ensure an excellent precision fit to the C-More RTS2 sight.  Additionally, a compact and very functional blast shield is designed into the mount, helping to deflect muzzle blast away from the lens of the sight.


The pattern mounting hole is the standard C-More design, with a 4th hole added between the front and middle holes.

Due to the wide variety of mounting screws and threads in use – mounting screws are not included with this mount. Use screws that fit the threads your frame already has, or as recommended by the Gunsmith when drilling and tapping your frame. The DAA recommended screw is the M4 Torx.


Note: also fits C-More STS scopes. 

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DAA RTS2 2011 Scope Mount
Date Added: Friday 13 April, 2018
Does not fit round slide, it must be flat top slide. but mount can be easily modified. So dont try if you have round slide and dont want to work with. Thumb rest is not good for me, it is too far. Aiming with this mount is really good, especially for someone who switch guns from sights to dot. Overall i like it and would recommend to others
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
DAA RTS2 2011 Scope Mount
Petteri Piepponen
Date Added: Tuesday 23 January, 2018
This is a great improvement and replacement for the standard STI C-More mount. With the RTS2, the dot becomes about half of the lens lower, making aiming and finding of the dot much more easier and quicker, especially using strong/weak hand only. Moreover, it is much more compact leaving the ejection port completely uncovered. Black colored version looks great on top of black gun. As compared to the STI mount, the attaching screws have to be shorten about two of millimetres, be sure that there will be absolutely no protrusion of the screws through the frame, otherwise the fore end of the slide will be scratched.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA RTS2 2011 Scope Mount

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