CED Heavy Duty Professional Tripod (H1555)
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Manufacturer: CED
CED Heavy Duty Professional Tripod (H1555)Reviews: 4 of 5 Stars!(41)
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CED Heavy Duty Professional Tripod (H1555)

Weighing over 9 lbs., the CED1555 Professional Tripod is a true heavyweight! 3-section round aluminum tube frame, with an extension range from 21.75" to 61.25" (52.5 - 155.5cm) and 28"(71cm) folded, this is one of the best professional tripods we have ever tested.
3-way & removable panhead, with leveling function, and all metal construction, make this tripod the right choice for use in chronographing full bore magnum loads. An excellent value at half the price of comparable brands, the CED1555 Professional Tripod is the one you need!

Heavy-duty & professional design, with 3-way function and removable panhead, all metal construction, leveling feature, and a deluxe carry case with zippered pocket and padded shoulder strap.

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CED Heavy Duty Professional Tripod (H1555)
Michael Conger
Date Added: Wednesday 29 March, 2017
I use the CED Heavy Duty Tripod coupled with the CED M2 Chronograph with infared light screens on a fairly regular basis. I started with the cheap plastic tripod which didn't last long, the quick detach mechanism on the tripod cracked and eventually broke. The heavy duty tripod thus far (5-10 uses) has held up to my needs and met the advertised performance, I would be cautious to call it heavy duty however, this is lighter and a little less rigid than other camera tripods, ie Manfrotto. That being said, this tripod is lightweight in comparison, and thus far has performed equally as well as other tripods I've used. This tripod works for cameras as well, I mount a FLIR T440 to the quick detach, and use it for thermal testing almost as often as I use it for chronographing. I would recommend this tripod over the plastic option to shooters. It has great value, lightweight and cheap in comparison to other high end tripods, but performs equally as well for its intended purposes. Thank you CED for offering accessories with great value. Michael
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
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CED Heavy Duty Professional Tripod (H1555)

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