CED7000 Shot Timer
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Manufacturer: CED
CED7000 Shot TimerReviews: 4.9 of 5 Stars!(4.938)
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CED7000 Shot Timer

The CED7000 Shot-Activated Timer is truly a breakthrough in technology. No other timer to date offers the combination of advanced features, compact size and lightweight design. This is truly the "next generation" Shot Timer here today!

New features / functions include: 

  • Memory storage/recall for review of 10 strings and an unlimited number of shots
  • Custom Par for single or multiple Par time settings, with variable delay intervals and the first ever hundredth of a second setting
  • Dual forward and reverse Review function
  • Fixed/Random/Instant of custom delay available
  • Shot detection microphone featuring 8 preprogrammed digital sensitivity settings
  • Illuminated fully functional LCD display, showing total time, splits, shot number, Par and first shot time.
  • Date and time displays, including alarm clock feature
  • New “Spy Mode” for monitoring other shooters and visual starts
  • New “R.O. Mode” for selection when only basic features and functions are desired for use
  • Optional 50 yard wireless RF capability for CED BigBoard or CED Time Keeper
  • New “Stopwatch Mode” for use of the timer as a stopwatch to clock props and other shooters on the range
  • Super loud Start beep over 110 db+(2.5kHz) – the loudest in the industry with adjustable volume control
  • Rechargeable battery with low battery LCD indicator. Optional External Battery Pack
  • 2 sets of Start/Review buttons. Choose which works best for you!
  • RESET Function included
  • A wide range of accessories, to ensure that you have what you need to make your new CED7000 the perfect timer for you
  • Multiple carry devices and options (see below)
  • Wrist and neck band lanyards included
  • Universal Charger included


Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 80 grams, 2.9 Oz.
  • Dimensions: 100x47x17mm (3.94"x1.85"x0.7")
  • Power supply: Internal rechargeable Lithium battery. Will power the unit for close to 30 hours of normal use (25 hours of match use) before a charge is needed. 1.5 hour charging is sufficient.
  • Beep volume and frequency: 110db+, 2,500Hz
  • Clock precision displayed: 0.01Sec
  • Connectors: 1 Auxiliary jack emits a 5-volt DC current in exact conjunction with the buzzer. 1 power supply plug, to be used with the optional external battery pack

The CED7000RF model includes wireless remote capability that allows the CED7000, CED7000T, or the CED7000A timers to be connected (wireless) to a CED BigBoard or CED Time Keeper for displaying results up to 50 yards away from the linked timer. The RF model is an optional upgrade that can be ordered at the original time of purchase or upgraded at a later date.


CED7000A Airsoft Timer is now available. See details on this fantastic "sound-activated" model designed for use with most Airsoft, Pellet Guns, and for dry fire practice on the market today under our AIRSOFT PRODUCTS Section

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CED7000 Shot Timer
Paul Roberts
Date Added: Tuesday 27 November, 2018
The CED7000 shot timer is a nice compact size, the controls are easy to adjust the settings.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Shot Timer
Ken Mendat
Date Added: Thursday 18 October, 2018
Great little shot timer, easy to use and long rechargeable battery life.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Shot Timer
Date Added: Tuesday 18 September, 2018
Order came in promptly. I was surprised at how small the timer was. I thought it was bigger. I have to be more careful on pressing the small buttons. The top buttons are used mostly so that is good. Glad that I didn't get the "tactical" model. A club member got one and (maybe my mistake?) asked Why? What for? Battery life is good. Had charged up for last month's match and brought it up for back up but I didn't have to use it for that match. I used if for this months match. No problem. Battery charge was half at the end of the match. Thanks!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Shot Timer
Rene Hoeck
Date Added: Thursday 12 July, 2018
Place an order monday late afternoon and delivered in Portugal lesser than 3 days later. Thanks doublealpha.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Shot Timer
Richard Hulsebos
Date Added: Monday 25 June, 2018
As a Gun enthusiasts i highly recommended it. Not just for Range shooting but als also for dry-fire practice shooting. The features of the CED 7000 timer make it ideal for more professional shooters. One of the most attractive features of the CED 7000 timer is that it’s very lightweight and compact, yet still very efficient. The timer comes with rechargeable batteries, thus eliminating the need for constant replacement. It is also very convenient to carry around as it comes with a lanyard for hooking around your neck or wrist. I do recommend the belt clip as i find that easyer. The timer also has a small LCD screen that displays time and review functions. It includes an auto-start mode, a countdown mode, a spy-mode, and a stopwatch mode. The CED7000 is an innovative model for displaying times, splits, mode and review functions on an illuminated screen. The dry-fire mode on this timer produces soft beeps, which makes it convenient to use at home. The device works well on different shooting ranges, both indoors and outdoors.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Showing: 1 - 5 of 38

CED7000 Shot Timer

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CED7000 battery life

Q: When charged fully, what is the battery life?

A: The time is estimated to be 40 hours of match use.  This estimate is based on 40 activations per hour or 1000 activations per charge cycle and may vary with difference usage.