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XL650 ToolHead, Zero Play, Free Float ready
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XL650 ToolHead, Zero Play, Free Float ready


Rather than locator pins, as used in the original toolhead from Dillon, these toolheads are held in place using screws and threaded inserts, which ensure that the tool head locks up and is held firmly in precisely the same location each time you assemble it.

How does that work?

<b color:="" font-family:="" font-size:="" lang="" en-us""="" span="" style="" font-size:"="" text-size-adjust:="">Well – rather than locking the die down to the toolhead, as you would usually do with a regular lock-up nut, this system allows the die to float freely, because the Free Float lock ring is not tightened against the toolhead itself, but rather it is locked onto the die body only – and a thin screw threaded through a hole in the ring prevents it from rotating. This way, you are able to keep the die from turning and loosing its settings, but at the same time allow it the play it has in its threaded toolhead, which makes it “Free Floating”. This allows the die to align itself better with each cartridge, for the best possible alignment and concentric ammunition. This helps to improve the reliability and the accuracy of your reloaded ammunition.

XL650 ToolHead, Zero Play, Free Float ready

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