Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
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Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)

Over the years, we occasionally heard from customers the following complaint: “sometimes, when I try to re-holster my gun, the slide lock is down, and I have to lift it manually”. This complaint was almost exclusively from Tanfoglio or Sig shooters.

As it turns out, the issue never was that the slide lock had fallen down, but rather that the edge of the trigger guard on these guns, being steel and often a little sharper than plastic guns, was catching on the upper tooth of the slide lock – rather than sliding past it to engage on the lower tooth, as it should. As a result, the slide lock would move down under the trigger guard, rather than engaging on it, forcing the user to first lift the slide lock all the way up before re-holstering.

This issue is caused because the slide lock is only lifted on the draw as far as it needs to go to release the gun. That means that upper tooth is displaced sideways only as far as was needed – and no more. Not all the way to the upper end of the track. 

So – after some trial and error, research and development, we are pleased to offer you the new Magnetic Upgrade option for your Racer or Race-Master holsters.

This system incorporates a pair of powerful magnets, which are positioned to reject each other – creating what feels like a spring-loaded system – and two very distinct positions for the slide lock – all the way down – and ALL the way up.

Now, as the gun is released on the draw – the magnets continue to push the slide lock upwards – higher than the gun itself pulled it – thereby ensuring that when you come to re-holster, there is no chance of catching that upper tooth as you holster. 

An additional benefit of this magnetic system is a distinctive “click” which is heard as you holster. Something that is common with other holsters, and requested by some for the Race Master as well.

NOTE: If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS checkmate, be advised the 2017 frame has changed. Click here for more details.


Read the following instructions carefully before using this holster or Insert Block:

  • Never holster a loaded firearm without first engaging its safety.
  • Check periodically to ensure your safety is functioning correctly.
  • Never disengage the safety of the firearm until well clear of the holster and the muzzle is pointing down range.
  • Make sure you are fully familiar with the correct use, and adjustment of your DAA Holster before attempting to use it with a loaded firearm.
  • Make sure that you have the correct holster/Insert model for your type of firearm.
  • Do not use a holster that is unsuited to your firearm, as that could result in unreliable retention or release which could lead to a fatal accident.
  • Never use a trigger shoe or a widened trigger with this holster.
  • Double check that the retention and release work well, particularly if any modifications have been made to your firearm.
  • Care must be taken to ensure the gun is placed properly when returned to the holster. It if it is not positioned correctly, it will not be held securely and may fall out.
  • Never holster the gun quickly or with force, as that increases the chance of making contact with the trigger.
  • Any adjustment or modification to the holster design may render it unsafe or cause malfunction.
  • Take care that the firearm is not dislodged or knocked when holstered, particularly when the holster’s safety lever is unlocked. As this holster has no muzzle support, take care that the muzzle of the gun is not bumped upwards, as this may dislodge the gun from the holster
  • Keep your fingers well clear of the trigger when holstering and drawing the firearm.
  • The holster should be locked when running or jumping with a holstered gun, or you should keep your hand on the gun’s grip to prevent it accidentally falling.
  • Handling a loaded firearm, and drawing it from a holster is inherently dangerous. You do so entirely at your own risk and responsibility.  
  • Liability is limited only to the replacement of this holster or parts thereof. No additional warranties are expressed or implied by the manufacturer or the distributors.


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Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Chris Stadler
Date Added: Monday 09 April, 2018
I have one of these for the Sig P320 and one for the Phoenix Trinity (for my Atlas Titan). These are awesome. Nothing else to say. Holds my heavy 2011 with ease. Allows a fast draw and locks up secure. All the things a good holster should do!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Doug Cavender
Date Added: Monday 26 March, 2018
purchased an insert block for a borrowed racemaster rig. it came quickly and works perfectly. I will definitely be buying my own rig.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Graeme Cooper
Date Added: Thursday 08 March, 2018
I love my Alpha X holster. I have used it with my various airsoft Hi Capa pistols, and it worked with all models with no problems. I recently changed my gun to a Tangfolio, and resisted the option of purchasing a holster of a different make. I bought the magnetic assembly for the Tangfolio square trigger guard and it duly arrived. The gun would not lock into the holster, and after some checking it was because the trigger guard was too wide and the gun did not sit down enough to activate the mechanism. I reluctantly resolved to return the insert and order the alternative maker holster. Having thought about this I decided to watch the various DAA videos, get out my trusty Dremel and get to work. After all, the block was a reasonable price and the worse thing that could happen would be I ruined it. After some serious fettling the gun now slips nicely into the holster, locks in place - though I have left the lock just a little on the stiff side so the it will wear in naturally. It would have been nicer to have the gun fit from the start - as you can now see where it has been worked on - but I can now use my Alpha X for my new gun and all is well.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Date Added: Tuesday 21 November, 2017
Work and fit perfectly. I started with one for xdm and now use insert for my dvc 2011. Love this holster! Heads up though they do not come with new screws so make sure u don't loose any.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Steve Brook
Date Added: Thursday 09 November, 2017
I purchased the holster with an insert for my single stack 1911. Then bought a second insert for the S&W 686 which I use with an Alpha project revolver. Both do an excellent job of securely retaining the firearms with the lock down, whilst allowing rapid draws with the lock up.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)

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Models and Fitting

Q: I have one of the newer Sig X5 models. Will the Sig X5 insert block fir the new model?

A:, yes it will. In fact, we tested the new Sig X5 and X6 models and they all fit to the X5 insert block.