Flex / Alpha-X / RM Holster Muzzle Support Extension Rod

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Al ***
Sunday 06 March, 2022
Finally got a muzzle support that works on a Bullesterous.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rich ***
Tuesday 01 June, 2021
It's a rod that's an inch longer than the standard length one. Really there is nothing else to say about it.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Chris ***
Tuesday 16 October, 2018
I was disappointed to find that the threaded portion of the longer rod was also extended such that this area protruded too deeply thereby hitting and dislodging the insert. To overcome this I had to add an extra spacer nut which unfortuinately was not black. This spoilt the overall appearance....
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
James ***
Wednesday 06 June, 2018
Does what it should, it adds support to the muzzle end of the rig. IMO, it should be included with the Race Master holster for the price. Blue Loctit is your friend on the threads attaching it to the holster. It likes to move around. Easily scratched so if you are OCD about your gear like me be...
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Bruce ***
Friday 08 December, 2017
The extension rod provides stability to the rig and gives me a sense of security when the weapon is placed in the holster. The only recommendation I would have for the rod is to have slots cut into the sides allowing a small wrench to be used to tighten it to the frame.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)


An extended rod for your DAA Flex / Alpha-X/Race Master Muzzle Support Assembly, adding another 1.5” (32mm) to the length currently offered as standard.

With this rod in place, the muzzle support with revolver adaptor will fit revolvers with barrels of up to about 7.5”.

Note: this product is the extended Rod only. Not the complete muzzle support assembly.

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