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MBX limited 10 round tube - 126mm/141.25mm

Manufacturers: MBX


MBX Tube is designed to work with STI/SV & all 2011 style pistol grips and mag catch heights. However, the NEW sti grips due to the reworking on some models, MBX cannot guarantee our magazines will drop-free and the grip may need to be adjusted.

MBX Tubes are designed to work exclusively with MBX Springs, Followers, & Basepad. MBX Tubes are not designed to work with other manufacturers components. MBX Magazines are Made to Work Right out of the Bag!

CA, NJ, NY, CT legal along with other 10rd restricted states.

Alpha Dynamics USA will not ship magazines to any location listed below which prohibits their use in that state or locale.  It is the consumer's responsibility to research the laws of their own locale to assure that they have the legal right to make a magazine purchase prior to ordering.


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