Hydro-Graphics DAA PDR Pro II Holster

Double-Alpha Academy
PDR PRO-II Holster
1 x PDR PRO-II Holster
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DAA Hydro-Graphics for Holsters
1 x DAA Hydro-Graphics for Holsters
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If you're looking to add some flair and personality to your gear, the Hydro Graphics options at DAA are a great choice. Using a state-of-the-art dipping process, the team at DAA can add intricate and eye-catching patterns to your pouches, holster, or complete rig. The process is done in-house, ensuring that every detail is carefully controlled and executed to perfection.
But it's not just about looks. After the dipping process, each item is spray-painted with a tough outer clear coat to protect it from wear and tear. This means that not only will your gear look great, but it will also be able to stand up to the demands of regular use for a long period of time.
And if you want to take things to the next level, match your pouches to your holster for a complete Hydro Graphics rig. With a wide variety of patterns and colors available, you're sure to find a combination that perfectly reflects your personal style.

Please note:

  • Small imperfections in the print, and partial painting/paint on the inside walls of the pouch or holster are normal in this process and not considered a defect.
  • Hydro Graphics items are made to order. Expect 10-14 days production time (US/CA: 14-21 days).
  • All sales are final, no returns accepted.
  • Photos may show a combination of Holster and Pouches for illustration purposes only. Only the product you have purchased will be shipped to you.


The DAA PDR Pro 2 Holster

With Production Division on the rise and many shooters in this IPSC and USPSA Divisions choosing a Kydex closed-body holster (and all USPSA Production shooters having to use it), creating a better Kydex holster is always high on our agenda. We believe in constantly striving to improve all our products, and the new innovations in the PDR PRO-II holster reflect that philosophy.

We took a long hard look at our PDR PRO holster, and combined with valuable customer feedback decided to make some changes to improve the product further.

The first area of focus and improvement was the rail, the part which joins the belt hanger ball joint and the holster body.

We upgraded this part from plastic to aluminum, and redesigned the manner in which the height adjustment and vertical lock-up is achieved. The PDR PRO-II now has a set screw in the ball itself, which can be accessed from its inner side, allowing you to adjust height to any position, not just in the predetermined 10 mm steps as before. Also this height adjustment can now be achieved without dismantling the holster and without losing any of the other settings.

The new rail attaches to the holster body more parallel to the gun’s slide, which increases the usable range of adjustment in the ball joint, allowing you to bring the gun much closer to the body than with the previous rail design.

The holster body itself has undergone several improvements as well. The high inner flap which previously covered most guns’ safeties has been lowered, allowing you to obtain a more complete in-the-holster shooting-grip. The material has been made slightly thinner to improve precision fit and retention of the pistol, and the tension spacers have been modified and improved. The cutout in the front of the holster has been lowered further, to facilitate faster holster clearance.

And of course the excellent features of the PDR PRO line have been retained: the slick fast unlined body, the advanced ball joint belt hanger with its wide range of adjustability, slim-line retention bars and spacers for use on competition belts ranging from 1.5”-2.0” in width.

Available only in Black, for right-handed or left-handed shooters.

The PDR Pro 2 is the choice of Max Michel, USPSA and World Champion.

Holster compatibility: Click here.

NOTE: The M&P models will not fit the M&P 2.0 Competitor pistol

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