Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500
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Manufacturer: Dillon Precision Inc.
Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500Reviews: 4.5 of 5 Stars!(4.52)
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Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500

This product is not currently available from our North American Warehouse.

The CM-500 Case/Media Separator is scaled down in size and designed to handle the load of a CV-500 Case Cleaner. This piece of equipment are every bit as tough as its full-sized counterpart. We used the same materials in its construction and designed it to work just as hard — and do it in a more compact area!

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Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500
Date Added: Saturday 08 October, 2011
Great piece of kit... But if this is the small one, the big version must be huge! Separates media in a jif, very happy with it...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500
André Mertens
Date Added: Friday 24 June, 2011
Following my tumbling cases, I use a case media separator to separate the tumbling media from the ready to load brass. However useful, my present separator is made of light plastic and cover or basket hinges are quite fragile. Having come to appreciate Dillon tools (I load on a XL-650), I decided to order their CM-500 model through DAA\'s webshop. My order was placed on Monday 20th and delivered on Friday 24th. I wish to commend DAA for their speedy processing and I\'m also satisfied with the Dillon CM-500, which is as strongly built as the other Dillon products I\'m already using.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Dillon Small Media Separator CM-500

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