DAA XL650/XL750 Primer Output Tube Assembly

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Dirk ***
28 Feb 2020
Werkt uitstekend, past perfect op de xl 650.
Kan nu veel langer persen zonder dat het blauwe bakje vol geraakt.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Bryant ***
11 Feb 2020
Just because you have the blue spent primer cup does not mean this will work. I had a machine built in 1997 that had that cup and this did not work. Be sure to look at your machine to make sure it looks like the picture they show. Great idea if you have the correct machine.
[DAA Reply]: why do...
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
Frank ***
13 Jan 2020
does what needed.. easy to install ..... excellent
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
14 Dec 2018
Great product!! So far I've only loaded about 200 rounds with it, but not a single stray primer. Usually I get around 2-5 primers that pop out per 100 cartridges. Strongly recommend. Somebody mentioned that the tube likes to coil back. I took an empty soda bottle, cut a hole in the cap, stuck the...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Øystein ***
28 Nov 2018
Excellent product but the tube has a strong bend in it. Had to string it up with a weight or it would snap back into a coil.
Replaced it with a softer tube.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Jonathan ***
30 Nov 2017
Works great. Simple but effective. The primers just drop down into the tube and then into my bucket. No dirt or debri around the press. I did have to buy two new screws because the ones in the package were too short. Still a great product.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


If you load on an XL650/XL750 you have probably encountered the annoyance of spent primers bouncing off the Spent Primer Cup and ending up on your reloading bench or floor.

The DAA XL650/XL750 Primer Output Tube Assembly puts an end to that problem by attaching directly over the spent primer exit window, and ensuring that spent primers have only one place to go – down the tube!

The assembly is supplied with a 120cm (4ft) long PVC flexible tube, which will allow you to collect your primers in a container or bottle resting on the floor or attached anywhere under your press.


The assemble includes:

- A 120cm (4ft) long PVC flexible tube

- A Delrin machined adaptor plate to fit to your XL650/XL750

- Two longer 8-32 screws to replace the original ones on your Dillon


Assembly Instructions:

1. Remove your spent primer cup (part 16211) and spent primer cup bracket (part 16209) by unscrewing the two primer cup bracket screws (part 14689)

2. Detach the PVC pipe from the adaptor. This makes it easier to assemble the adaptor. Pull the pipe firmly to detach

3. Using the provided longer screws, attached the Delrin adaptor plate to the same mounting holes just vacated. Note that the part is directional – hold it so that the output hole lines up correctly with the exit window of the primers (the pipe mounting point will be on the side closest to you)

4. Reattach the PVC pipe, and run it down to a collecting container. You can consider drilling a hole through your workbench to run the pipe vertically down


Please note:

This assembly is designed to fit current XL650 and XL750 models. It will not fit units made prior to 1997. (if your 650 has the blue plastic Spent Primer Cup – it is current and will fit)

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