DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder adaptor
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder adaptorReviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(51)
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DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder adaptor

The DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder Adaptor is the answer to a real problem many reloaders are all too familiar with: when cleaning brass with corncob or other dry media, often small bits of media remain mixed with the brass, and are fed down the case feeder tube. When they reach the tighter diameter of the adaptor tube, they wedge against the cases, causing a feeding jam. You then have to stop reloading, take apart the feeding pipe, clear the jam and only then continue.

But with the new DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder Adaptor, which replaces the original Dillon case feeder adaptor on your XL650, the slots cut in the pipe allow the debris to fall out the sides onto the small collection tray (we like to keep our workbench clean and neat!) and the chances of a jam-up are greatly reduced.

A drop on fit to your Dillon XL650

Not suitable for use on other Dillon reloading models, and cannot be used in conjunction with the DAA XL650 Mini case feeder.


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DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder adaptor
Igor Braeckmans
Date Added: Thursday 21 February, 2019
Works great, I had no more case feeding problems caused by debrie from my brass tumbler.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder adaptor

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