DAA Embroidered Patch
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
DAA Embroidered PatchReviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(53)
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DAA Embroidered Patch

The DAA Embroidered Patch is a good-looking addition to any range bag, pistol pouch, jacket or any surface you care to add it to.

The patch measures approximately 8.5 x 14.5 cm (3.3 x 5.7 inches).


Two options are available:

The Iron on version has a layer of glue on the back, and you simply place it on your bag, and use an iron to heat it. the glue melts, and the patch is firmly attached, No stitching or needle-work-abilities required!

The Velcro option is a two-piece set, which includes the patch with soft Velcro on the back, plus a cut-out sharp Velcro piece you can stitch to your bag to place the logo. Or, if you already have a Velcro tab on your bag, you can attach the logo directly to that.


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DAA Embroidered Patch
Gale Breitkreutz
Date Added: Monday 08 October, 2018
Are you kidding me? Am I really writing a review on a free patch? I guess I am (LOL) The quality is great (like all DAA products, but I suspect this one was made in China), the colors are vibrant and it looks great on my bulletin board with all the other free patches and stickers that I have in my collection (ROFLOL) Thanks
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Embroidered Patch
James Smith
Date Added: Wednesday 06 June, 2018
A very well made patch. This thing is huge, approx. 6"x3.5". Looks great on a shooting shirt.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Embroidered Patch
Date Added: Sunday 18 February, 2018
Easy to iron on clothing, beware for the ends. Very nice and very good quality of embroidery with a very professionally, flashy and expensive look.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA Embroidered Patch

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