DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag Spring
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag SpringReviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(51)
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DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag Spring

The 13-Coil (170mm mags) DAA 2011 magazine springs are made from hi-quality spring wire, and carefully formed and manufactured to maximize reliability, capacity and longevity.

The coils are designed to collapse upon one-another, to allow the spring to compress shorter. The upper coils have a more elevated angle, to prevent “nose-dives” and improve feeding performance.

These springs can be used in all 2011 style magazines, in all calibers.


DAA 13-Coil Springs can be purchased individually or cheaper in packs of 3 or 5 pieces. Select those options from the Attribute box.

* Follower not included and can be purchased separately.  

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DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag Spring
Date Added: Wednesday 28 September, 2016
DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag Spring It is very good for STI 2011 mag.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA 13-Coil 2011 Mag Spring

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