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We are pleased to offer the IDPA Magazine Belt attachment separately too, as an accessory to be used with other pouches of your choosing.

This attachment is made of PA66 Nylon with 30% glass fiber, making it extremely tough and durable. It can be used to attach the gear of your choice to any belt, with a thickness up to 8mm and a width of 1.5”-2.25” (39mm-57mm). The hanger includes a set of six spacers which allow you to quickly and easily adjust the width of the mounting slots to suite your belt.

The hanger includes the M5 mounting screw and our unique DAA serrated adaptor plate, which clicks into many DAA products, including our Racer pouches, most of our magnetic pouches, AR15 pouch quad loaders and more. But we also include a larger rubber washer which can be used to attach a Race Master pouch body to this hanger by placing the rubber washer between the hanger and pouch body instead of the serrated washer.

Please note:
These IDPA pouches are designed to be used on IDPA legal leather belts, not on Velcro inner/outer belt systems as used in IPSC, which are not legal for IDPA use.
It is very difficult to install these pouches onto our Premium belt, as they are not designed for use on that belt. It is not a recommended combination.

Available in Black only

How to remove/replace the spacers to adjust for belt width:

If you try to push them out forward or backwards, you will find them almost impossible to remove. The hanger is made of tough material and does not flex much.

However, rotating them 90deg makes them come loose very easily. Hold one spacer at a time between you thumb and forefinger and rotate it 90degrees. Then allow it to fall out of the slot.

Keep the spare parts safe, should you wish to use them later with a narrower belt.

Assemble in the reverse.


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