DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
Reviews: 4.7 of 5 Stars!(4.73)

DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields

The DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields are precision-made stainless-steel Safeties made with state-of-art Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. They are designed for use on any 2011 or 1911 pistol, with some minor fitting required. It is always recommended to have a competent Gun Smith fit safeties!

These safeties are designed to offer a wider and longer than standard paddle on left side of the pistol (right-hand thumb), with a smaller, yet still sizeable paddle on the right side, for those left-handed stages we all love so much! The total side to side width of the assembled Safeties are designed to be just narrow enough to fit the requirements of the IPSC Standard Division Box.

The extended Safety paddle on the left side rests on top of the plunger tube, preventing excessive pressure and strain on the pin. The shields are well spaced away from the slide to avoid any contact or rub marks, which are common with other shielded Safeties.

The large shields on both sides, ensure that you will not make contact with the slide, a known cause of malfunctions, especially in the heat of competition, when one’s grip tends to shift and sometimes tighten. (if you find yourself suffering from more malfunctions in matches than you have in practice – slide contact may well be the culprit).

Please take note of the following safety recommendations:

  • Safeties should only be installed and fitted by a qualified gunsmith
  • These are not “drop in” parts! Light fitting is to be expected in most cases
  • Always be sure to first thoroughly test the function of your Safeties with an unloaded firearm
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DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields
Date Added: Sunday 18 February, 2018
Easy to mount, some adaptation needed to fit correctly on my STI Grandmaster. After mounting, I didn't had problems any more with my thumb touching the slide and preventing trough this a smooth movement of the slide and a correct ejection of the case. No faults any more during competition.....price is in comparison with others on the net good.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields
Petteri Piepponen
Date Added: Tuesday 23 January, 2018
Solid product, works as I expected, no more fingerprints in the slide and more support. As warned, it is certainly not a drop-in product, for my Trubor it required somewhat more Dremeling and fitting than my previous (few) safety jobs. Also, as the safety partly covers the serrated area of the slide, it may not be very practical for guns without a racker.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields
laurent rougier
Date Added: Tuesday 16 January, 2018
Interesting product. Usfull and easy to set. Whish it could be avable in Black too!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields

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