CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen Set
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Manufacturer: CED
CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen SetReviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(52)
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CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen Set

With incredible accuracy, the Patented Infrared Screen Set eliminates the need for sunlight when using the CED M2 or the original CED Millennium Chronograph systems, and gives you the freedom to record velocities under any lighting condition, or if you choose, no light at all! Connects to the standard sensors that come with both systems, and uses its own AC power source or optional NiMH battery pack. The Infrared Screen Set includes Infrared Screens, side-arms, AC Adapter, and instructions.

If you would like to measure velocities indoors or set up in summer shade where 110 power is not available, the CED M2 is the chronograph for you. With the optional NiMH battery a power outlet is no longer needed! And unlike "visible" light systems, the IR emitted from the new CED IR set is not visible to the human eye so it will not alter the user's site picture when shooting indoors. If you have ever used a 40 watt light at home or in your garage, then you know incandescent light bulbs cannot take much abuse and always seem to "pop" at the most inopportune time. The solid state design of the CED Infrared Screen set means it can take normal set up and tear down in the field. You will never need to look for a strange shaped refrigerator light bulb again!


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CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen Set
Geoffrey McBride
Date Added: Tuesday 05 December, 2017
The infrared sky screens ensured that we can use our CED chronograph at all times whereas previously the chronograph could only be used on the rare occasions when we had brilliant sunshine . A great addition to our gun clubs equipment for the use of our members .
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen Set
Istvan Toth
Date Added: Tuesday 14 June, 2016
Dear DAA, I purchased an Infrared Screen Set to my CED M2 Chronograph. It works properly, I am completely satisfied with it. So far I had some difficulties with measuring bullet velocities in different light circumstances - now all the problems have been gone. Thanks for the proper sending and the correct business. Best regards, Istvan Toth from Hungary
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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CED M2 Chronograph Infrared Screen Set

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Infrared set for M2 Chronograph

Q: Why would I need the infrared kit for the CED Chronograph

A: The infrared kit is compatible with CED Millennium and M2 chronograph systems. This kit is designed to help the chronograph pick up shots when used indoors, in low-light and no light (when inside a chronograph box) conditions. The infrared kit provides a stable consistent light source that will give you the most accurate results and eliminates lighting variables that may give you errors or incorrect...