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CED Barrel Cleaning Rope

Manufacturers: CED


The CED Barrel Cleaning Rope is simply the fastest and most convenient way to clean your gun barrel, whether a pistol, a rifle or both!  

Special models available for handgun & PCC rifle  combination.  

Simply drop the weighted end of the rope down through the barrel, from breach end to the muzzle and pull it through.  

Attach the ends together and pull in a circular motion if multiple runs are needed.  Add solvent to the rope or run it dry, whichever suits your needs.  

Complete the cleaning process in seconds and your barrel will be ready for another session on the range or in the field.

Available in Pistol Calibers (.22/ .38 & 9mm/ .40 & 10mm/ .45) and Rifle Calibers (.22 & PCC/ 9mm & PCC/ .223/ .308/ 7mm)

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