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CED Ammo Trays

Manufacturers: CED


Custom designed CED Ammo Trays hold 100 rounds of 9mm or .38 Super ammunition.  

Each tray comes with a sliding cover perfectly designed to allow the user to retrieve only the ammo needed fast and easily.  

These unique trays are designed to be stack-able!  Made of durable PP Polypropylene polymer plastic, these trays are durable and functional in use.  

Each tray also includes a foam insert.  

This insert is designed to eliminate bullet rocking inside the tray when 9mm ammo is in use.  

Remove the insert divider using needle nose pliers, and add the foam insert into the bottom of the tray, and then replace the divider into the tray on top of the insert foam.  

For .38 Super ammunition, remove the foam insert as the .38 Super ammo is longer and the foam insert is not needed. 

The foam insert can also be placed on top of the 9mm ammunition, under the sliding lid if preferred. 

Available in Black, Red, Blue, & Yellow colors. 

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