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Alpha-X Holster
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Alpha-X Holster without insert
Alpha-X Holster without insert
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Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
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Thigh Pad for Alpha-X Holster
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Alpha-X Holster Wide Hanger
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
Reviews: 4.8 of 5 Stars!(4.8105)

Alpha-X Holster

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS checkmate or CZ TS Orange, please contact us first with a picture of your trigger guard area. CZ seem to be using two styles of frames for these pistols ,and without seeing your gun, we will not know which insert model you need. More details here: Click here for more details.

* This is a complete Alpha-X holster with insert block of choice.

After years of trend setting benchmarks in the competitive holster industry, DAA has gone a step further, with the launching of the DAA Alpha-X Holster.

The Alpha-X incorporates upgrades and refinements creating a new fresh, striking look while adding several meaningful performance upgrades.

Body Rail Height Adjustment

A rail built directly into the side of the Alpha-X holster body itself allows height adjustment.  This offers an extended range of vertical movement and reduces torque and forces applied. The lock up is achieved by an expanding dovetail mechanism that does not gouge or damage the rail.

New Ball Joint and Lock-Up Mechanism

The ball joint of the Alpha-X offers a wide range of motion, allowing the user to position the holster at the precise right angle desired. The Alpha-X holster uses a larger ball joint and a pressure lug lock-up system, which locks the ball firmly in place without marking or damaging the holster. Even the smallest adjustments are easily possible.

With the ball joint is now located higher and closer to the center of the holster, it reduces the torque and forces applied, contributing to the rigidity of the holster. 

A large easy-to-reach one-screw locking system allows it to be adjusted into the desired position, even while wearing it.

Detachable Belt Hanger

The DAA Alpha-X Holster is designed with a two-piece belt hanger which can be disassembled easily by opening a single screw.  All position settings are maintained while removing the holster body from the belt itself for easy space-saving transport. 

The Alpha-X belt bracket is designed to fit only 1.5” wide competition style belts. It will not fit on 1.75” or 2” belts unless the belts are modified by cutting a piece out of the belt. As DAA recommends for all of its Race holsters, this belt hanger should only be used on a firm, rigid, thick belts.

Interchangeable Color Logo Inlays

The Alpha-X holster body is designed in black anodized finish only. To offer a unique colorful accent, an assortment of color inlays is offered. These optional colored inlays can be changed as desired, but when done so are not normally reusable. They are laser-cut plastic inlay inserts which come in a full range of colors.

The Same Race Master Insert Blocks!

The DAA Alpha-X Holster uses the same DAA magnetic insert blocks as used on the Race Master Holster. An Alpha-X Holster can be purchased with or without an insert block, making the upgrade easier and more affordable for users who already have the Race Master Holster.

Never holster a loaded firearm without first engaging its safety.

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Alpha-X Holster
Alpha-X Holster
Anastacio Moreno
Date Added: Thursday 23 August, 2018
Did not have a good experience with this holster. Ordered the insert for my Tanfoglio Limited along with the holster and the insert did not fit at all. Tried it on a friends Tanfoglio and same result. I contacted Customer Service to tell them I’m sending it back and to send me another one. I was told it may require some “modifications” to make it fit and that there is no “guarantee” that the next insert will fit properly. Considering the ridiculous price of this combination anyone purchasing this product would expect everything to fit properly and in working condition. Received the new insert and same result. It fits but it requires force to get it to lock. It has also worn the finish on my firearm trying to force it into the lock position. Not happy about any of it. I was considering ordering one for my Glock 17L but now I have changed my mind because I don’t want to go through the same issue again. How do you sell a “high quality” product and then expect the customer to have to modify it because the manufacturer can’t get it right. With that being said, once you “modify” the insert it can no longer be returned....not cool. [DAA Reply]: We are sorry to read you had such a negative experience. The issue is not a matter of our ability to fit the gun – but rather an inconsistency in the dimensions of the trigger guards on many gun models. Some gun manufacturers do not consider the outer dimensions of the trigger guard to be very critical, and so these are not tightly controlled by them, and are often finished by hand. Some guns will show a tolerance of 0.2-0.3mm or more in this area. Since our holsters requires a very precise fit to the trigger guard, we have no choice but to hold the dimensions tight – to fit the smallest of the frames we measure in one gun type or another. This leads to some customers having to custom fit their insert in order to get it to work well on their particular frame. And we always support these efforts as best we can. This is not something we can solve. We are very sorry to read this fitting issue lead you to reject the holster, which is today the leading holster in both IPSC and USPSA competition worldwide. A little fitting would have sorted it out for you.
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Don Buchanan
Date Added: Tuesday 21 August, 2018
bought the insert for a Race Master to fit a Tanfoglio Gold Team open gun. I found it easy to install, it locks up tight but comes out like greased lightning when the beep sounds would definitely recommend this setup to anyone looking for a fast holster that is also very secure.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Race Master / Alpha-X Insert Block Assembly (Magnetic)
Luc van der Heijden
Date Added: Saturday 18 August, 2018
I have the same issue with this as others have had. I am using this for a Gen 4 Glock and the fit is terrible. I had to remove a lot of material to get it to fit properly. I uderstood when ordering I would have to remove material upon ordering, but I never expected as much as had to be. After I got it to fit it still wouldn't go all the way down so the locking bar would lock. I had to again remove material from a different area to get it to lock. This created about a 1/4" of play when locked. It stays safely in the holster, but for the $50 cost it shouldn't require so much fitting in my opinion. Rating:
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
Alpha-X Holster
Alpha-X Holster
John M Smith
Date Added: Tuesday 31 July, 2018
I called for clarification on the web description, and was assisted promptly by a knowledgable professional. I have an unconventional pistol, so I love that there are clear instructional videos detailing the ease of modifications. The price is higher than competitive options, but the fit and finish is remarkable, and the design is unrivaled.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Alpha-X Holster
Alpha-X Holster
Date Added: Wednesday 11 July, 2018
Always double alpha products are the best, have race master and x holter , wonderful My new order is complete
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Alpha-X Holster

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General questions

Q: Which gun types the Alpha-X supports?

A: The Alpha-X holster uses the very same insert blocks as the Race Master holsters therefore it supports all Race Master holster gun types. 

Q: Are the insert blocks for the Alpha-X magnetic?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to swap the color inserts later on?

A: Yes, there is a small hole from the inner part of the holster encolusre to push the color insert out. Once out,...