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Rollsizer - Drop Tube
1 x Rollsizer - Drop Tube
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Rollsizer - Mini Roll Sizer Caliber Conversion Discs
1 x Rollsizer - Mini Roll Sizer Caliber Conversion Discs
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Tuesday 29 October, 2019
Works as described, well made, should last a long time
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)

Rollsizer - Complete manual mini Roll sizer with Caliber Conversion and Drop Tube

Manufacturers: Rollsizer


This is a compelete Manual Mini Rollsizer unit at the caliber of your choice. 

Bundle includes:

1x Rollsizer - Manual Mini Roll Sizer Machine

1x Caliber disc 

1x Drop Tube


Manual Rollsizer suitable for most pistol calibres. The manual rollsizer is a compact rollsizer suitable for processing cases in small batches around 400-500 in one sitting (typically 30-40 minutes). The manual rollsizer should be mounted to your reloading bench for the best results using G clamps or Self Tapping screws through the supplied mounting base.

The crank effort required is minimal but is repetitive. The rollsizer can be connected to your Dillon (TM) case feeder using the supplied hose and adaptor clip or connected to other case feeder types with some modifications.

Machined base plate, adaptor shaft, Drop tube mounting bracket, removable, foldable crank handle and 2 x angle iron brackets suitable for mounting / securing to a work bench. Caliber conversion discs and drop tubes are separate and must be ordered separately.

Machine only dimensions: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm

Reviews (1)

Tuesday 29 October, 2019
Works as described, well made, should last a long time