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Rollsizer - Rifle Mini Roll Sizer Caliber Conversion Kit
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Rollsizer - Complete DC Drive Mini Roll Sizer - Rifle

Manufacturers: Rollsizer


This is a compelete DC Drive Mini Rollsizer unit at the caliber of your choice. 

Bundle includes:

1x Rollsizer - DC Drive Mini Roll Sizer Machine

1x Caliber disc - rifle calibers

1x Drop Tube


DC Electric Drive Rollsizer suitable for most pistol calibers. Suitable for medium volume processing, processing rate is approximately 1200 cases per hour and is suitable for operation with most standard Dillon case feeders.

The DC Electric Drive Rollsizer is suitable for the low to medium volume reloader. The DC electric rollsizer uses a similar rolling methodology as the large scale rollsizer but at a lower cost and processing rate

Machined base plate, adaptor shaft, Drop tube mounting bracket, DC Motor and power supply and 2 x angle iron brackets suitable for mounting / securing to a work bench. Caliber conversion discs and drop tubes are separate and must be ordered separately.

Machine only dimensions: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm

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