DAA International Magazine Gauge
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy
DAA International Magazine GaugeReviews: 4.7 of 5 Stars!(4.73)
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DAA International Magazine Gauge

The DAA Magazine Gauge is a multi-gauge rolled into one, with a truly international appeal!

Both IPSC and USPSA require you to measure the length of long magazines in the Open division. However, IPSC uses 170.0 mm as their required length restriction, while USPSA’s rules allow a length of 171.25 mm. This gauge does both! An adaptor insert block enables you to change the length of the gauge from IPSC to USPSA in seconds. In addition, the gauge includes a 140 mm mag gauge (measuring 141.25 mm as required by USPSA), a 35.0 mm gauge to control the width of the magwells used in the classic division, and a 50.00 mm gauge to measure the distance between a competitor’s gear and torso.

Constructed from top quality aluminum and machined to the tightest tolerances, the DAA Magazine Gauge offers you a lifetime of service, on either side of the Atlantic.
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DAA International Magazine Gauge
Joel M
Date Added: Wednesday 08 July, 2015
Haven't been to a match yet that checks mag length, but am ready if the it occurs. Three of my mags would have failed. JM
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA International Magazine Gauge
Andrew Cameron
Date Added: Tuesday 26 August, 2014
Great gauge for checking all the required dimensions for not only magazines for IPSCand USPSA ( very smart in the method of selecting the different regulation on magazine length). but also can be used for equipment check re distance from your body. Great addition of the slot for Classic division checking of the magwell dimension - on addition, if possible would be adding of a guage or portion of the existing guage the length of the dust cover from the slide stop pin as per the IPSC rules. Again, a excellent piece of equipment I have used it to check my magazines for the World Shoot.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA International Magazine Gauge
Stathis Kakogiannis
Date Added: Tuesday 20 May, 2014
Very good product but, in Vienna last April i 6th SCW Cup, an IROA had another gauge issued by IPSC (the same one used in 2013 EHC Portugal) and had an argument with a shooter in our squad about a long magazine which with DAA's product was ok but not with his. You should have a look at this. The range master at the end cleared the shooter but the issue remains.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA International Magazine Gauge

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