Dillon RL550C with caliber conversion kit and DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder

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DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder
1 x DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder
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Dillon RL550C Caliber conversion kit
1 x Dillon RL550C Caliber conversion kit
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Dillon RL550C without caliber conversion kit
1 x Dillon RL550C without caliber conversion kit
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Raymond ***
21 Mar 2023
For a recent single stage loader for years, the 550 is a huge step up. It makes what had become a long and time consuming process a smooth production that I can use to load 70-100 rounds in less than a half hour.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Dillon RL550C Press

The Dillon RL550C is able to load rifle as well as pistol cartridges The RL550C uses standard 7/8 by 14 thread per inch dies, as long as they deprime in the size die Manually indexed shellplate Manually fed cases and bullets Capable of loading 400 to 600 rounds per hour Lifetime “No-B.S.” Warranty.

The basic 550 includes:
Machine with caliber conversion kit (shellplate, locator buttons, powder funnel) in the caliber of your choice.
Powder measure with standard large and small powder bars (small installed), Small bar throws from 2.1 to 15 grains of powder Large bar throws up to 55 to 60 grains of powder.
One prime system with large and small priming parts.
One large and one small pick up tube
Low Primer Alarm
One toolhead
One powder die
One loaded cartridge catch bin
One written instruction manual
One set of standard Allen wrenches

No dies are included with the RL550C, and these need to be ordered separately.
Pictures shows optional upgrades which are not included: Strong Mount, Roller Handle, Bullet Tray, Low Powder Sensor.


The DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder

By automatically feeding the cases into the shell plate, this clever accessory allows you to keep your right hand on the handle as you operate the press, and eliminates the need to pick up and orientate each piece of brass manually and feed it into the shell plate. Your reloading will be faster, easier and more enjoyable!

Please be sure to watch the video tutorials on Setup and caliber conversion BEFORE attempting to use your 550 Mini Case Feeder!

Short product intro video: https://youtu.be/ifarAkjJCzA

Full assembly video: https://youtu.be/SADaHzTA_vs

Caliber conversion video: https://youtu.be/tSPERiwX2mQ

Unlock the full potential of your Dillon 550 case feeder with this device, which ships complete and ready to use to load most pistol calibers, as well as .223 and .300BO.

You can switch calibers on the case feeder in under a minute, making this solution perfect for 550 reloaders who often reload many calibers.

Supported calibers include: .380ACP, 9mm, 9x21, 9x23, .38S, .40SW, .45ACP, .38SPL, .357MAG .223, .300BO*
* to use the case feeder with 300BO, you need to modify the Type A case slider adaptor, making it shorter by 1.5-2.0mm. You can do so using a file, Dremmel, or belt sander. After this modification the Type A spacer can still be used without issue for the .357, but it will no longer function with the 38SPL. If you require both 300BO and .38SPL calibers – contact us for a spare Type A spacer.

Your DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder includes the following parts:

  • One 6 tube magazine assembly (will hold approx..150pcs of 9mm, or 130 of .40 or .38S)
  • Magazine holder assembly
  • Plunger assembly
  • Rail assembly
  • Feed Track assembly
  • 5 feed tubes 
  • 3 case slider adaptors
  • Large (Rifle) case feeder

Additional magazine tubes can be purchased separately, and we highly recommend the use of the optional Mini Case Feeder Bowl  to greatly speed up the process of filling the tubes.

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