Combo: 3x KEIRON Reactive Laser Target


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KEIRON Reactive Laser Target
3 x KEIRON Reactive Laser Target
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This is a bundle of 3 KEIRON Reactive Laser Targets!

The KEIRON Reactive Laser Target is compatible with both visible red and invisible infrared lasers to create the ultimate dry fire training experience. A perfect complimentary product to combine with the CoolFire Dryfire training kit…

The large strike zone of 4x5.5 inches (100x140mm) allows fast targets acquisitions and facilitates developing realistic training skills and scenarios. The system provides feedback when hit by the laser, by means of brightly illuminating the entire strike zone to indicate a hit.

You can reduce your strike area by placing a cut out mask to cover some of the strike area. Cut out from cardboard the shape of an IPSC target or a Popper, and place it over the strike zone, thereby making your aiming practice more realistic.

Requires 2 x AA Alkaline batteries, which are NOT included.

Battery life: 1800 x 30min training sessions, or approx.. 550,000 hits. (So a very long time…)

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