EZ Rattler Easy Loop Lock

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EZ Rattler Easy Loop Lock -  A Cable Lock That Protects Everything!

It works fast and easy, just "Loop it and Lock it."

Perfect for Hunters, Fisherman, Campers, Skiers, Bikers & Homeowners

The New Patented locking plate secures irregularly shaped objects by increasing control of the cable with a mechanical advantage, easily securing almost anything! The Easy Loop Lock can secure anything to sign posts, fences, trees, bike racks, and more!

What Does the Rattler Easy Loop Lock Lock?  EVERYTHING!

  • Guns                           
  • Tools                          
  • Bikes
  • Roller Blades             
  • Skateboards    
  • Surfboards                  
  • Water ski's                 
  • Snow boards              
  • Fishing Rods & Reels                        
  • Baseball Equipment                                       
  • And much, much more!

NEW Patented Flat Cable

  • New 2x (twin cables) More Cut Proof than Single Cable
  • Lugs are plastic coated to prevent scratching
  • Each Locking lug is made of forged steel that is press-on to the steel cable
  • Can make up to 4 Locking Loops!    
  • Stainless Steel, No Rust / Marine Only
  • 48 adjustable locking positions.
  • Lock multiple Items with One Lock
  • A 54" Long cable lock, that allows multiple cables to be added to make extra long loops
  • Carrying case included
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