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Mark 7 Onboard Automatic Primer Collator

Manufacturers: Mark 7


The Mark 7 Onboard Automatic Primer System is a marvel of engineering, eliminating the need to pickup primers or fill primer tubes. Hundreds of primers can be poured into the collator bowl, which then feeds them into your Evolution or Revolution Reloading press, as needed.

An optical sensor turns the Onboard Automatic collator on or off as needed, ensuring that only 20 or so primer are stacked awaiting entry into the feeding disc at any given time. This important safety feature prevents any possibility of accidental ignition of a large quantity of primers.

This system is a complete unit, with all parts required to install onto your Evo or Revo Mark 7, to replace your existing Stacked Primer system. Use our Evo Builder to add the Onboard Automatic Primer System to your Evo Press instead of the Stacked Primer system, and save costs.



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