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Manufacturers: Mark 7


Have you been waiting for an affordable commercial-grade loading machine with enough power and speed to achieve your personal or business reloading goals? Wait no more! The Mark 7 Revolution™ is here! 

Based on Mark 7’s proven digital drive mechanism technology, the Mark 7® Revolution™ is a machine unlike any other on the market - a completely integrated, new loading press of Mark 7’s own design that is powered digitally and automatically.  

The Mark 7® Revolution™ ships with the following fully integrated sensors: JamSense, TorqueSense, Mark 7 PowderSense, DecapSense (updated), SwageSense, and PrimerSense. It also includes the integrated, fully automated on-board primer collator and feeding system.

Not included with the Mark 7® Revolution™ are reloading dies and the Mr.BulletFeeder Pro which are sold separately. 

Differentiating features Include:

• Output rate up to 3,500 rounds per hour

• 10-station toolhead utilizing off-the-shelf reloading dies

• Onboard primer collator

• Completely integrated reloading press and drive mechanism - fully automated, digital, and computer controlled

• Hard anodized and nickel-plated aluminum and steel components

• CNC grade planetary gearbox

• Ultra-smooth and precise, gear-based machine movement and shell plate indexing

• Integration of all the tested and proven Mark 7 sensors

• Microprocessor monitored and controlled

• Works with new AND remanufactured brass

• Downloadable machine firmware and software upgrades for life

• Supports a variety of accessories including today’s off-the-shelf reloading dies

• Pre-assembled and shipped ready-to-use

• Quick caliber changeovers, utilizing relatively inexpensive conversion kits

• Full 1-year warranty

• Fully supports international voltage operating at 110/220V and 50/60 Hz with no variation in speed/performance

Measurements: Width 28” (71 cm), Depth 15” (38 cm), Height 38” (96 cm)

Weight: 45 kg

Caliber currently available: 9mm, .38S, .40, .45, .223 and .308. 

Additional calibers may be available on request.


*Price $9,499 

Please note: this price does not include shipping from the US, import duties and local VAT.

The price shown here is the net US “exworks” price. That is because the Mark 7® Revolution™ is an ITAR controlled item which currently requires an end user export permit before the unit can be shipped from the US to an international purchaser. 

Double-Alpha cannot import the machine for you to Europe or stock them here to resell, as we do with all other Mark 7 items. You will need to make payment directly to Mark 7 in the USA ($3,500 to place your order, and $5,999 when your unit is ready to ship). Double-Alpha can assist you with the payment procedure and documentation required for the ITAR export application, which Mark 7 will file on your behalf.

Once the export license is in order and payment is received in full, your unit will ship. Note that shipping costs, import duties and VAT which are due in your country of import must be paid by you, in addition to the purchase price listed above.


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