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Friday 16 July, 2021
The best! More Rigid and more flexibel at the same time. I love the design and finally a belt that fits in my bagpack. No complains any more of scratches in the car ect ect
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Lynx Belt by DAA

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy
The DAA Lynx Belt was designed and developed for the DAA holsters and pouches. it may not be possible to use other brands of holsters and pouches on this belt. We have not tested all other brands.

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How to order the correct number of links:

  1. Wear your current inner belt (if you don’t have one - use any thin belt).
  2. Use a flexible tape-measure (or string) to measure your waist circumference on top of the inner belt.
  3. Enter that dimension below (use Inches or centimeters as preferred), and see how many links you need. (it is rounded up, so you may have an extra link)
  4. Select your links in any color combination.
Enter your measured waist
DAA Premium Inner Belt
Buckle Kit - Lynx
Your included buckle kits contain:
  • Complete buckle assembly
  • 50 assembly roll pins
  • Mini punch tool
  • Spare tensioning O-ring
  • Belt End Piece


The DAA Lynx belt is a totally new, innovative concept for competition shooting belts. 

It is assembled by the user himself, using individual plastic links, which assemble together by means of strong steel roll-pins. These linked are made of an extremely durable Nylon, reinforced by glass fiber and tougheners.

The Velcro Hooks on the links are formed by an over-mould injection process, making them a permanent feature of each link. They are not glued on Velcro tabs, but injection moulded formed, providing maximum strength and longevity.

Links are available in 9 colors, so each shooter can design his own belt. You can mix and match as you please, adding a dash of color to match your National Flag or your shooting outfit.

Available colors are: Black, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue Purple and Green

Once assembled, these links create a belt which is totally rigid in the critical vertical axis – keeping loaded magazines and holsters solid and stable, preventing any lifting during the draw motion. While at the same time – the hinged freedom of motion between the links, in the horizontal plane, means that the belt can be rolled up to a much smaller size than a rigid one-piece belt.

This horizontal-plane flexibility allows the belt to be rolled up tightly, and placed easily inside any range bag. It also means the belt follows closely the body’s contour of even the smallest, thinnest shooter without lifting away from the body or creating uncomfortable pressure points. (issues common with one piece rigid belts). The DAA Lynx belt is far more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The expanding Buckle Assembly of the Lynx Belt allows for about 4.5cm of length adjustability and closes the belt ends together. Since its over-all length is short – it can easily be worn in the front, between the holster and front mag pouch – even when that front pouch is positioned in the center of the body. This prevents the need to close the belt on ones back, as is often done with one piece overlapping belts.

Each DAA Lynx Belt includes:

  • Links in the number and color selected by the customer
  • One DAA Inner belt (size of which is calculated in the builder)
  • A Buckle assembly which includes:
    • A fully assembled buckle
    • A bag with 50 roll pins
    • A punch tool for removing pins
    • A spare silicon O-ring for the buckle

Link dimensions: 33mm long from pin to pin. 38.7mm tall, thickness on the Velcro pad is 8.8mm, 7mm off the pad


Reviews (21)

Friday 16 July, 2021
The best! More Rigid and more flexibel at the same time. I love the design and finally a belt that fits in my bagpack. No complains any more of scratches in the car ect ect
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