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Dillon XL650 / XL750 Conversion kit
1 x Dillon XL650 / XL750 Conversion kit
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Dillon XL 750 without Case Feeder, No-Cal
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Mr.Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol and Rifle
1 x Mr.Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol and Rifle
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Dillon Case Feeder Plate
1 x Dillon Case Feeder Plate
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Combo: XL 750 Machine Bundle 1

Manufacturers: Dillon Precision Inc.
The Dillon XL750 Powder Measure is angled such that the powder bar must extend directly over station #4 in the toolhead, and it cannot be repositioned. This Is not an issue if you have a short die in that station. However, if you wish to run a powder check in station #3, and a bullet dropper in station #4, as many do, this creates a serious problem. As a solution to this issue we are pleased to offer our  Extra-Short Dillon Powder Bar.


Save 50USD/EUR on this Dillon XL750 and Mr.Bulletfeeder bundle.

Note: Image shows some additional accessories on the XL750 items which do not come as standard. Please refer to the Dillon XL750 product page for detailed information.  


  • Dillon XL 750 in caliber of choice
  • Case Feeder and Case Feeder Plate
  • Mr.Bulletfeeder in caliber of choice
  • Dillon dies NOT included


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