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CED Hunting Pole
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CED Brass Chute
1 x CED Brass Chute
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Combo: CED Brass Chute and a FREE Hunting Pole

Manufacturers: CED


This offer is for 1x CED Brass Chute and 1x FREE CED Hunting Pole. 

Purchase a CED Brass Chute and get a free hunting pole!

The CED Brass Chute is an amazing product, that provides a fast and efficient method of collecting brass on the range.  Ideal for clubs or individual training sessions where collecting the brass for reloading or simply keeping the range clean is the goal.  Comes with its own carry case and sets up easily in minutes.  

Constructed of an aluminum frame with a heavy-duty, weather resistant netting, this unique brass collection system is designed with a gravity fed funnel that drops the brass into a collection container.  

Eliminates the need to pick up brass from the ground, or have to sort through various mixed calibers. The CED Brass Chute collects each shooter’s brass, funnels it into a container and allows the shooter to retrieve only his brass and all at once.  

Color coded corners, locking extension tabs, and an all-in-one frame design, make it an easy task to set up and take down the CED Brass Chute.  The perfect companion for individual training, Steel Challenge style matches, or stages where a stationary shooting positions are used.


- The net measures 73” wide and 83” deep.

- 58”x9”x4” when folded up in the carrying case

The CED Mono-pod Hunting Pole is designed especially for hunting, but is ideal for many other uses as well. Perfect for improving the long range accuracy. Can be used with rifle, pistol, shotgun or muzzleloader. It provides steady support for hunting and shooting, and acts as a solid rest for all types of spotting scopes, cameras, and other optics as well. Use the V-yoke as a pivot-point cradle to grip and stabilize guns, scopes and lenses. Great for following the action in any direction. Or remove the V-yoke and thread your scope or camera onto the stud. Comes with a wrist strap and handle, ideal for hiking use. The multi-section staff height is easily adjustable from 33.5” to 73” (85 – 185cm) and is constructed of hard-tempered alloy aluminum and is very lightweight.

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