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Win $750 Raffle

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


ONLY ONE RAFFLE CARD PER USER WILL BE ACCEPTED! (do not place multiple orders - they will be ignored).

Add this item to your shopping cart and checkout FREE OF CHARGE to enter our Christmas $750 raffle!

The winner will receive a one-time $750 store credit for DAA and/or CED products. 

How it works:

- Once  you send in your purchase of this free Raffle card, you will automatically be added to the raffle participation list. Feel free to add this Raffle card to other items 
   you may wish to purchase. It does not need to be sent in as a separate order.

- The Raffle will take place on Christmas eve - 24th Dec 2019, and the winner will be notified by email within 24hrs

- One lucky winner will receive $750 worth of store credit for DAA and/or CED products only. The $750 will added to this customer's rebate/reward account. 

- This credit amount will be valid for any future purchase of DAA/CED goods, without a time limit. 

- The credit applies only to DAA/CED goods, and cannot be used to pay for other goods or shipping charges. 

- The winner will be notified by email, so please ensure the email provided is correct.

-  This raffle is promoted exclusively through Front Sight Magazine, and is available to our North American customers only.

Good Luck everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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