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Rig Builder

Our Rig Builder is a system designed to allow you to build your perfect shooting Rig, to include the holster, belt, pouches and accessories of your choice, to build the ideal rig for you.

No longer are you restricted to choosing from pre-defined packages to take advantage of the savings offered on rigs. Now you can build the rig you want, selecting practically any color/type/model combination of pouches and accessories to build up your rig.

As you build the rig, the full price of the items chosen is displayed, as well as the discounted price you will be paying.

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Rig Builder
Date Added: Tuesday 20 September, 2016
Easy to order, great postage time to Australia. Rig is the best thing i ever bought for my shooting!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rig Builder
Date Added: Saturday 27 August, 2016
Отличное качество товаров. 100% соответствует заявленному. Информативное и вежливое общение. Оперативная доставка. Качественная упаковка посылки. Рекомендую.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rig Builder
Owen Heazlewood
Date Added: Thursday 25 August, 2016
One stop shop to build my perfect custom rig. Step by step is so easy to follow. Selecting parts, colours and accessories so i got exactly what i wanted. Shipped quickly and i even got a free DAA workmat and a cheaper price for using the rig builder compared to buying things individually.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rig Builder
Mile Dj.
Date Added: Thursday 04 August, 2016
Dobla alpha should change name to fast and furious. I assume this is where people that loves the sport and shooting would come to get the gear for excelling in the sport of shooting. It is superbly executed and made gear to help you be the best in whatever you are trying to do. How good is that it is different story. So my short story is: Amazing gear ! just get it!!! dont waste your money and collect bad cheap stuff like most of the people. Long story is long of course but it gives you perspective why should you spend so much money for his stuff: I am 51 years old and new to this sport or to be precise 5 months of shooting about 1-2 times per week sometimes 3 because it is 1h away from my home. Very fast after I started It appeared that I do better than most of the people I see around and instructors so I took couple lessons and I decided to get into the sport slowly. Soon I realized that I have a lot to learn and to stabilize basic skills so this is not about how good I think I am it is all about tools that help me have fun and do it well for me, there is no competition in me left, only one I compete is my self.. Vith super busy schedule and driving about 50-60 000 miles per year, residing in 2 states CT and MA, playing soccer couple times a week driving daily to NYC from CT and wife that reminds me to grow up daily I knew I need to skip beginners,intermediate and cheap stuff and go straight for the best, buy it once and get it done. Saul's company kept coming up every time I asked around. I was relentless for few months...I watched youtube until 3am, read reviews and after buying and returning many different holsters from Amazon, Cabela's, Bass Pro and few others(over 10-15) I noticed it is all plain BS, waist of money for wannabes. After reading statistic for competitions and data there was only 1 choice really. Double Alpha Academy. I called DAA next day and got professional advice from Saul, no sales pitch, no attempt to move product or get me to buy more, actually he kept saying to me few times: you dont need that! it's not necessary, this is what you need....I was like a kid in candy store.... Saul is just awesome and I spoke with him only once. I didn't know exactly what I need so he just helped me get the right things in 5 min. Now about performance with his rig and everything I got. It was amazing! it just works right, easy and effortlessly, its just there whatever you need..magazin..BAM! in your hand, gun..bam! it's up and ready...... After practising basics at home only 3 times for 30-40 min and mostly after whole day of work and after 10-11pm with empty gun I can do 0.5sec first shot.... with loaded gun at the range being beginer I am little concern about my foot so I take it easy!! I can draw and first bullet on target in 0.8, and shoot 1st 2 bullets in 1.01 sec on target(fax paper from 7 meters or 21 ft and only and because of Saul's rig or belt and holster, it is amazing how intelligent and superbly executed his design is. Because of my creative work(artist) and challenges in life I can make just about anything better that I come across, I dont see anything that it can be better, maybe different materials, carbon fiber or make it fancy and more expensive and silly but his stuff works perfectly AS IS with body biomechanics. I could not be happier getting the right things from Saul, my wife thinks I am going bananas walking around with his rig getting use to it and practising at night. After getting rig sex is overrated..just kidding. I am planing getting his range bag and holsters for several guns that I have and not bother with inserts. This real review and I did not get any discounts, massage, free coffee and free stuff so I can sell myself for few dollars, my name is Mile and I am from CT USA and I love DAA gear. I went only 4 times to the range with rig to draw so those times are real, and my instructor is getting the rig as well after he tried my rig, while he is better shooter in many ways(ex army sharpshooter) I am faster as of now , I can just imagine how good I am going to be after 1-2 years or in 5-10...huh so much fun to come txs to DAA aka fast and furious holsters!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rig Builder
Brad Smith
Date Added: Friday 24 June, 2016
I'm new to the sport and went with this rig based on reviews, homework, other shooters and the DAA website. The team at DAA both corrected my order for me AND supplied the holster already set up in left hand for me. After spending a load of time in it I'd like to submit the following: 1)Everything is supplied (wrenches, instructions)plus reviewing their Youtube tutorials makes it go a lot smoother 2)Soft thread lock the adjustment bolts on the holster. With maximum adjustability comes maximum chance for your gun to end up upside down if you're not careful.. 3)Definately go up on belt size as recommended 4)You can have the mag pouches tight enough to stay in place yet fine tune adjust before locking everything up after you use them for awhile Great product and still quite excited to use them! Brad
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Rig Builder

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